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1 West 41ST Street, Sand Springs, OK, 74063 | (918) 402-6205

1 West 41ST Street, Sand Springs, OK, 74063 | (918) 402-6205



At Composure Health Spa we take pride in providing maximum value to our loyal customers. We are strong believers in the Health Field Industry and have the belief that a healthy you is a better you. We offer outstanding services that will help improve your overall health concerns. 

Hello All!

My name is Stephanie Hope, I am a board-certified nurse practitioner that graduated from South University with my master's in 2017 I received my APRN; CNP. I recently graduated from Frontier Nursing in 2020 I received my PMHNP. I have a passion for helping people, and that is why I made the decision to open up my own Medical Spa. We are a family-owned business where I am blessed to have the opportunity to team up with my family.

What separates us from other Medical spas is that we truly and genuinely care about each of our guests, our famous motto is “Never Look Your Age.” I hope you enjoyed just a little about me. Come check us out at our Barn Style Medical Spa!!

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